Monday, December 23, 2013

Nonfiction Monday: Military Special Ops series from Lerner

Navy Seals: Elite Operations
While military operations are not on my top ten list of most exciting topics, they sure rank highly with many of my patrons. I'm always looking for a new series to point them to that will have the right balance of information and readability.
For this series I read the above title about Navy Seals, and this one about the U.S. Air Commandos:
Air Commandos: Elite Operations
The tiny print may scare some kids away, and the reading level (about 5th grade) will keep me searching for something for the younger crowd, but for older readers I think these will do the trick. Both books held my interest, and I learned quite a bit with each - although in some cases, it was because I was curious enough to do some internet searching (I really would have liked to see a picture of the bone phones.) I think I will add these two to the collection and see how they do before deciding whether to add the rest of the series.
Thank-you to Lerner for the review copies!


  1. are these available at the library yet? I have a certain teen with hopes of being a SEAL

  2. Yep! Not sure if they are still on the new shelves, or if they have been moved to nonfiction (somewhere in the 300's.) Let me know what he thinks of them!