Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Another Baby Update, or: Who Wants to Post My Bail?

Tuesday afternoon. T minus a-day-and-a-half until the baby is born. At UNM.
Bags are packed. Christmas presents wrapped and boxed up in case Christmas happens in a hotel room. House sitter set. Fridge cleaned out. Who-is-watching-kids-when sorted out. Car gassed up. Gift baskets dropped off. School party stuff dropped off. Dress rehearsal of school program watched. I'm in the middle of setting up for tonight's Christmas program at work and getting my desk cleared off. I get off at 8PM, we leave for Albuquerque (a four hour drive) tomorrow morning at 7AM. And I get a phone call.
Two small issues. One: my insurance company got into a tiff with UNM, and severed their contract. Two: The NICU at UNM is suddenly full, so they probably can't deliver my baby Thursday as planned. Maybe Friday. Maybe next week. But, I should still come up and just, you know, hang around. Or, they could deliver the baby Thursday, and transfer him to another hospital - BUT NOT ME.
I'm not a doctor, but when a woman is 97 months pregnant with a high risk baby, should you be quadrupling her blood pressure like this??? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME????
So, I really need to be setting up the rest of the way for tonight's program, but I am afraid to step too far away from the phone (it only allows three rings, and even NOT pregnant I can't make it across the room in time.) I have a consult scheduled with the other hospital tomorrow, but no news on a date for the baby, yet. It is, at least, a good hospital, so I would have no problem with the switch in general - IF IT HAD HAPPENED A LITTLE EARLIER!
I am going to go practice my Lamaze breathing. Except I never took Lamaze classes. I;ll make something up.

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