Saturday, December 14, 2013

Baby Update

We have a date! And it is definitely earlier than we had planned. Tuesday the 17th will be my last day of work for a bit. I am ending with a 'bang', as that evening is our annual Family Christmas Program. My apologies now to whoever has to finish cleaning up in the morning, because odds are slim that I will get it done in the half hour or so between the end of the program and the time we close. The morning of the 18th, we drive up to Albuquerque and meet with someone from the NICU, then we are scheduled to deliver early the next morning.
As you can imagine, this has put us into a flurry of arranging and packing and planning! Trying to spend time with the kids and keep things fairly normal, at a time of year that is already insane. Wrapping up Christmas shopping, baking, decorating, etc., a week earlier than expected. Cancelling programs at work, and trying to figure out how to cover the children's room 54 hours a week with a 25-hour-a-week clerk. Arranging for house sitters and deciding where the kids will be, when. C.'s Christmas program is Thursday evening, and it's killing me to miss that - although we have arranged to watch the dress rehearsal Tuesday, and I already have his gift for the gift exchange and treats for his class ready. A lot of Mommy guilt going on, here!
We won't know until a few days after Mr. Narcissist is born, whether he will need surgery or not. Whereas at the beginning they were leaning towards not, now - after another ultrasound - the assumption seems to be yes. So, we could be there three days, three weeks, or three months. That makes packing and planning just that much more 'fun'. Do I just bring a pair of sweats for myself, or a full suitcase? One outfit for the baby, or ten? Should we try to get two vehicles up there, so Daddy can go back and forth? Do we just need a basic hotel room, or one with a kitchenette?
And the big question...when and where will Christmas be???! I know, I know, Christmas is in your heart, we should celebrate Christmas all year, blah, blah...I have 4 words for you: seven year old boy. He can read a calendar and count days. And, unless we keep them all locked away from the world, they are going to know if the 25th has passed them by.
So, again, a little bit of scurrying going on, a little bit of worry, but we have full faith that it won't be too long before we are all home together, back in a normal routine.
Well, what passes for normal around here, anyways!

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