Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Reading Week 5: Independence Day

Wow, over halfway done! This was a 'short' week because of the holiday, and a rather slow one at the library (comparatively speaking), with so many people gone on vacations. We ditched the summer reading theme for a week to cover Independence Day.
Story Times
What we Read (all 3 days):
Meet Our Flag, Old Glory     Apple Pie Fourth of July    
We also talked a LOT about flag etiquette, standing when the flag went by, and, unfortunately, why the flags were at half staff all week (the 19 hotshots who died.)
What we Made:
Preschool -

Drops of watered-down paint blown into firework shapes with straws, then sprinkled with glitter.

Kinder/First Grade and Older Kids

Easy wind socks/decorations (many kids wore them out as necklaces). It was funny how many adults did not know how to curl ribbons! Everybody got to learn a new skill:)
Tweens - Tie-Dying
Mr. C. has been getting a great turn-out for his 4th-7th grade activities. This one was moved outside, for obvious reasons, but they all had a great time and turned out some great-looking shirts!


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