Monday, July 22, 2013

K is for...

I know, we've missed a couple letters on the blog. We didn't do a whole lot with the last few, although we did learn about them. Just too busy! This week we are on the letter "k", and while it's every bit as busy, I did at least get a couple pictures.
Besides being busy, it has also been a bit wet this week:

good thing I have all those hoses, so I can water the garden later.

so we did some very passive "K" activities. "K" is for "Kiss", so we watched the movie "Enchanted".

Remember, kissing causes you to be attacked by giant dragon creatures and thrown from tall buildings!
We are replacing the flooring in the living room, which gave us a one-time canvas to practice our letters:

This activity ended when S. pulled a Robert Munsch, and painted her toes. And her fingers. So, I K-is-for-Kicked them all outside.
Um...K is for...Kitten. And there's a Kitten in this picture. Supervising the children as they learn the words to that epic tale of Mr. Leroy Brown.
Yep, that's pretty much all we've got this week. Looking forward to "L is for Lunacy"!

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