Saturday, July 13, 2013


Because Miss Ami is crazy, and because things seem like such a grand idea in February, we decided to have a mud day at the library - outside, of course, and on a Saturday.
The plan called for a dump truck of dirt, which did not happen, and at the last minute I was buying 16 cubic feet of top soil (organic - no fertilizers on little babies, please), which my wonderful husband unloaded in the heat for me (being pregnant has its perks).
I had three swimming pools, one with dry dirt (barely touched), one with thick mud, and one with soupy mud. A big baskets of kitchen utensils, cars, etc., that I gathered from home.
The first kids to arrive took a few tentative steps through the thick mud...
or started off in the plain old water.

The squirt guns (and two trash cans filled with water) were quickly discovered.

and this teen volunteer was kept busy keeping them filled.


Hey! No shooting the librarian!
There were bubbles, manned by two other volunteers.


And the soap 'n slide, covered in dish soap and water.



Then some more adventurous types started checking out the soupy mud.

There were even sheets to make hand or footprints on.

Or, whole body prints.

Some stayed relatively safe.

I've brought my own bubbles, thank-you.
Some stuck with the cloud dough.
Some actually cried when they got muddy.

Yes, this is the same child you have seen on this blog a million times, gleefully covered in mud. Don't ask me, I'm just the mother.

Some realized Mom might not be thrilled,
 and took matters into their own hands.

But in the end, everyone had fun! They even helped dump the mud, covering an area of the lawn that needed a little help:

Thanks, guys! Let's do this again!
Next year. Maybe.

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