Friday, July 12, 2013

A Day at Home with the Kids

C. is at Grandma's, so I only have S. and L. to entertain me. Short post.


S. comes to me, shaking her head, saying, "Your son!" To investigate, or not to investigate?


Left S. in the kitchen, stirring the gelatin for a minute (we are making these as we study the letter "J"). Came back and she announced, happily, "Mommy, I added the rest of it!"

The rest of....??

Oh, the rest of the soapy water in the measuring cup that I had been using to dip the peach jam out of the pot. Yummers. Let's start this batch over, shall we?


"Don't drop the baby! Well, is there blood on her head? Okay, then."


While it distresses me that the stuffed animals are so badly behaved, I'm glad to know it wasn't S. who dumped the math manipulatives all over the dining room.

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