Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SRP Upda--- Oh, Who am I Kidding?

The beauty of combining two blogs is that you can neglect them both more efficiently.

I know I owe a lot of book reviews, and haven't posted any pictures or anecdotes for summer reading, but:

We have 42% more kids registered than at this time last year.

The Children's Clerk was in England for the last two weeks, and one of our pages resigned.

I am 11 months pregnant with a hyperactive future member of Cirque de Soleil.

It is 800 degrees outside.

The two youngest are sick. After a squeezed-in doctor's appointment (thank-you, Dr. B.!), we went to Walmart for prescrptions. Went to the McD's there to eat while we waited. Where C. got a nosebleed and S. got ketchup. Everywhere. (I have video, but it won't download).

Then when we went to get the prescription, for some reason one child's insurance went through and the other didn't. So I got to pay full price, and tomorrow I can call and chat with the insurance company. Before I run sick kids to Grandma and M. to school. And hopefully get to work before we open, so I can work until close. And do the same both Friday and Saturday, programs all three days. Plus the Cherry Festival. Plus Father's Day.

So. We may not get any posts up in the next couple days - but when we do, we'll have lots to talk about!

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  1. Girl, you're pregnant. Give yourself a little grace to let go of all the little(er) things!!