Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Great Migration

As many of you know, I have two blogs - this one, and one 'run' by the library turtles. That one is mostly book and product reviews, plus news about library events. Both are hosted by Blogger. There are many different hosting sites, all with their own positives and negatives, and generally speaking I like Blogger better (plus, I'm used to how it works, and you are talking to someone who still won't carry a cell phone, so newer or more bells and whistles don't necessarily impress me).

One of Blogger's recent issues, however, is that it sporadically won't let people log out of one of their blogs and onto another, which is really, REALLY irritating when you have things to post on both. Largely for that reason, I have decided to combine the two blogs - and since this one has been getting more 'hits' recently, and since its 'theme' is less limited in scope than the turtles', I am slowly moving everything over here. Besides, the turtles' popularity has gone to their heads, and they are demanding all sorts of upgrades to their tank. There just isn't room for a tiki bar, sorry!

So, a few changes you may have already noticed:

1. Fewer posts on the turtles' site. Mostly that's because of the logging-in-and-out issue, but it has also been a matter of time. I often do my reviews at the library, and it has been just a tad busy there. Baby-to-Be means when I get home, I don't have much energy for anything beyond spending time with the family and making desultory stabs at cleaning (why does the floor have to be so far away? And can we put the washer and dryer up on blocks?) Starting this week, you may see some double posts (i.e. same post on both sites) to get people used to clicking over here instead - IF I can get logged into that one!

2. Initials instead of names. Most of the people who currently follow this blog are people I actually know, whereas followers of the turtles' blog come from all walks of life. All very nice people, I'm sure, but the more open your privacy settings, the more you need to watch your privacy. So, while I will post pictures of the kids, I will just use their initials, and as they get older you will get fewer details. C. doesn't care if you see him covered in muck and hear the whole sordid story of how it happened. M., on the other hand, may not want strangers to know what happened when she was the first to fall asleep at her slumber party last night, let alone have photo evidence splashed across the internet. That's what Facebook is for:)

That's it, really. Nothing exciting, just an FYI-type of post. You may now carry on with your regularly scheduled lives:)

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  1. Thanks for letting us know! Will follow you here now. And...just saw the pic of the wee one in the drawer....oh my toooo precious! Cheers and enjoy the week.