Wednesday, June 8, 2011


There's a barn in the middle of a nice, big field around the corner from us that we always have to stop at in the morning. They have some beautiful horses that the kids always have to say "Good morning" to. Used to be a llama named Fred, but he got in trouble for escaping one too many times and had to move on. You can usually see cats strolling through the weeds, looking for a rodent snack. Occasionally the deer hang out, quietly grazing beside the horses.

Today we spotted a puppy dog, enjoying the sun by the corral.

He was pretty relaxed, looked up at me each time I spoke to him, but didn't mind us admiring him.

 Let's zoom in for a closer look, shall we?

 Mmm-hmm. Puppy dog. If Daddy asks, that's exactly what we saw.

Yep, that's a plain old, domesticated puppy dog. Out in broad daylight. Near houses. Not afraid of people. Looking rather well-fed for an area in a drought. Not a problem.

(Where are those cats, anyway?)

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