Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dinner Time and Garden Update

Going out to your garden to pick your supper is totally cool. For some size perespective, note that some of these leaves go from one side of the sink to the other! (C., though, was less than impressed - he complained that "this tastes like leaves!" Um...well...)

My garden as a whole is looking pretty good:

But, you all remember the problem I've been complaining about, right? In the forefront we have greens, more or less where I planted them. Sharing that bed, towards the back, we should have strawberries. Instead, we have onions. Slightly different flavor.

In the back bed, I planted onions, which you can see growing like crazy. Along with the potatoes (that gigantic bush thing at the back).

And then there are the cages where I planted beans.

This would be another potato.

(I bought L brackets today to shore up that frame)
These...are not beans either. They look suspiciously like the plants growing in the next bed over, where I planted cucumbers:

Yep, same leaves and everything. That's okay, though, we all like cucumbers. Oh, and look, this one has some growing!

Waaaaaaaaaait a minute. No way. No. No! I DID NOT PLANT SQUASH! ANYWHERE!

Come on, you have got to be kidding me! There wasn't even squash in the mulch pile! I mean, here is the packet from the seeds I planted, the packet I bought at Walmart, ripped open right there next to the garden, and then tucked into the side:

Does that not clearly say and show beans??? Where are my beans??? I would accuse a certain husband of playing tricks on me, but he loves beans and won't touch squash. Ideas, anyone? Suggestions? Strange, outlandish theories? 'Cause I'm all out. Next year I'm not going to plant a thing, I'm just going to start watering and see what comes up. Elephants, maybe.

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