Friday, June 3, 2011

A Short Commercial Interruption

Introducing the revolutionary new IGU* laundry method! Works with ANY type of laundry detergent or spot remover, guaranteed! Just follow these seven simple steps:

1. Begin with your average toddler's t-shirt, showing a typical day of food and fun (in this case, involving dirt, dogs, green beans and strawberries):

2. Treat shirt with your favorite spot remover.

3. Soak shirt overnight in hot water and bleach.

4. Scrub shirt in sink with your favorite laundry booster.

5. Toss shirt in washer on highest settings, with copious amounts of detergent.

6. Take shirt out of washer and allow to air dry.

7. Burn shirt and buy a new one.

Voila: now your toddler has a new, bright white shirt to wear - and you can start the whole process all over again!

Just look at them side by side - what a difference! And yours to achieve as well, now that you know the patented IGU* secret!

*I Give Up

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