Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Baby L. Update

Had our midwife appointment today, and didn't get to see our midwife. It seems she was needed in labor and delivery - what, there are other expecting mothers besides me in the world? Hmph. We saw the 'new' midwife, who is very nice and I'm sure knows what she's doing, but it's just not the same.

At any rate, it seems I am still pregnant:

Ya think?

And, just as I suspected, last night's bout of insomnia was due to Junior 'getting into position' (which also explains the lack of feeling in my legs, and the increased difficulty in climbing into the van.) Nothing to get excited about, S. did this about 7 weeks before her due date too - and in the middle of her cousin's wedding ceremony! Wasn't THAT fun! He is also, news flash, carrying very low. And a very active little boy - enough so that the seasoned midwife commented on it more than once. Everything looks good, though - still planning a C-section, but not scheduling it. Daddy and M. were with me, and we filled her in on details of S.'s birth, including important things like the skinning knife used to cut the umbilical cord, and key characteristics of hers and C's personalities.

One thing did puzzle me - as we left, she commented that she always enjoyed starting the day with a good stand-up comedy routine. Whatever could she have meant?

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