Monday, October 7, 2019

Review: The Wolf in Underpants by Wilfrid Lupano, Mayana Itoiz and Paul Cauuet


In this witty graphic novel, a community of forest animals trades scary rumors about a nearby wolf. Some critters have even gone into business selling wolf traps and anti-wolf fences. But when the wolf appears in a pair of striped underpants, everyone rethinks their fears. This is a heartwarming story about understanding differences, told with an oddball sense of humor.

Umm...that was a little...weird. And...demented.

I like it!

I would call this a cross between picture book and graphic novel. It doesn't read quite like a story, but it also isn't in short panels or strips as kids would expect of a graphic novel. I think I will go ahead and shelve it in graphic novels, more for the target age group than anything else. 

Illustrations are full two-page spreads, with a lot of conversation between animals, funny signs, and action going on all around. The main message is obvious, but delivered with humor. My 9yo loved it, and I think it would be enjoyed by kids younger and older.

Just watch out for the squirrel.

*sequel coming out next year!

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