Friday, October 4, 2019

Review: Dibs by Laura Gehl and Marcin Piwowarski


Teaching your little brother his first word—dibs—is funny. Until he starts calling dibs on everything, from your parents' bed to a real airplane to the White House. What's next? Calling dibs on the moon? Sure enough, Julian's little brother, Clancy, calls dibs on NASA and blasts off into space! Julian is glad to have Earth all to first. But Julian begins to miss Clancy. Can he harness the power of dibs to rescue his little brother? 

Oh look, another book about my children! Oh my word, the ARGUING that goes on sometimes, over the silliest things. Of course, Julian learns his lesson at the end...wait, no he doesn't. How can we misuse the word "Jinx", boys and girls?

I wouldn't use this book to try to teach a moral lesson, just as a bit of fun! Kids will enjoy the ridiculousness of the situations (Secret Service agents shrugging and saying, "Well he DID call 'dibs'."), and perhaps recognize how ridiculous their own behavior can be sometimes. Or, perhaps not!

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