Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Review: The Baby Beast by Chris Judge


When an egg arrives on his doorstep, Beast doesn't quite know what to do: feed it? Take it for a nice long walk? Drop it? Doctor Yoko tells him he must keep it warm and just wait, but exactly what he's waiting for is a mystery to the Beast...

Oh, this was cute! Kids will think it's funny (my 9yo's voice got that high squeaky only-dogs-can-hear-it tone when she was extolling its virtues), and their grown-ups will smile at the familiarity of waiting and waiting (but what exactly are you waiting for??), and then the trial and error that results when the waiting is over. The line that made me laugh out loud:
"The Beast bought all the things he would need, plus some things he wouldn't."
Wipe warmers. Really. And shopping cart covers.

The simplicity of the Beast illustrations is a win as well, and begs for a flannel board or related art project. I will definitely be using it in October for our Monsters story times!

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