Saturday, October 12, 2019

Dewey Needs a Home!

This absolutely gorgeous little guy and his black sibling were first spotted on the roof of our library which, for those who are not local, is smack in the middle of town on one of the busiest streets. We set a trap and Dewey here took the bait. 

He started off scared and spitting mad (literally),

but has discovered people aren't all that bad - in fact, getting petted is kind of nice! He is still a bit scared, though, so he will hide behind the sofa and cry until you pick him up and plop him in your lap. Then he starts purring like crazy and leaning into your hand as you rub his chin and scratch his ears. He wants to be a loved house cat, he just isn't sure how this all works!

We have named him Dewey because he was caught at the library, and because, well:

We can't keep him as a mascot, though, so he needs a home! He can be adopted through Kitty City here in Alamogordo. The cost of $75 includes neutering, which is a pretty good deal if you have priced that lately. I will give him his first set of shots before he goes anywhere.

Let me know if you are interested in giving Dewey a loving, inside, forever home!

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