Monday, October 14, 2019

Review: Love and the Rocking Chair by Leo and Diane Dillon

Book Birthday tomorrow!


Simple words and colorful paintings tell the warm, engaging story of new parents who buy a rocking chair when they are expecting a baby. Bright, sunny illustrations show the precious intimacy between parents and their children; the new mother glows with affection, and the new father reads aloud to their young son. 

Time passes, and the boy grows up; the beloved rocker is moved to the attic and gathers dust. But when the boy becomes a man, the cycle begins anew. He and his wife have a baby girl, and the rocking chair is needed again. 

Can your students/children something that was passed on through generations in their family? Start with a conversation about those items before reading, then see if they would like to write or illustrate something about their special family item. If they can't think of one, is there something their family has now that they would like to share with their children some day? For homes without many tangible items, it could be an experience - a certain park they like to play at, for example. Connecting the past and future can be a powerful tool for children whose present holds some challenges.

**Side note: I almost hate to mention it, because I would love to see it so commonplace that it isn't worth mentioning, but...can I just say I am loving all the multi-racial families I am seeing in illustrations lately? Not as a trope of the book, just as the way things happen to be. Bravo to all the authors and illustrators making sure all kids can see themselves and their own families, whether in skin color or in experiences.

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