Monday, July 31, 2017

Teen Cafe - Giant Scrabble

My teens love over-sized games, and this one was so easy to set up!

I just did a quick search for the number of tiles for each letter and the point value, and printed them on cover stock in the largest font that would fit.

I did not have time, materials, or energy to make an actual giant game board, so we just went by straight point value of words. I had the kids split themselves into two teams, and the one that happened to have a birthday that day went first.

And yes, "damn" was the first word. Well, it IS in the dictionary, and can be used without actually swearing - but I told them nothing 'worse'.

Oh, they chose team names, too:

Sometimes it is best not to ask.

While most of the words were pretty short and common, they came up with a few they were rather proud of:

"It's in SHAKESPEARE!" one exasperated teen told her teammates.

We took a break after the first half hour to get more snacks, and wrapped up just a few minutes after the hour, so it timed perfectly. We'll definitely be trying this one again! Easy to have on hand when an outdoor activity gets rained out!

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