Monday, July 17, 2017

Medium Guy Turns Six

So much of the kids' personalities can be seen in the themes they pick for their birthday parties.

Grace: Horses or horses.
Sheridan: Unicorns, Hello Kitty, Mermaids.
Shane: Cowboys. With guns.
Christopher: Harry Potter, Ghostbusters, Star Wars.

Logan: Bunnies.

Bunnies? Bunnies. And he stuck to it for months. Okay, bunnies it is!

Logan is my sweet boy, full of surprises, the one who notices little things (both literal and figurative). Since he chose his theme so long ago, I was able to snatch up a few after Easter items to decorate with.

Logan got to keep all the decorations afterward, so he was extra happy.

I got this little lady for ten cents at a yard sale:

And these, 75% off at Walmart:

At one point we added frogs (making it 'things that hop'), and when asked what he wanted for his birthday, he said "a remote control frog". A what? Okay...

Behold the powers of Amazon:

A jumping, shouting, light-activated frog. THAT won't get at all annoying.

Refreshments took me a minute, but we finally came up with:

Which Logan helped make:

I don't like carrot juice, so:

(Chocolate, chocolate chip friendship bread)
 Then at Daddy's last-minute suggestion, I stayed up the night before to make Peanut Bunny Cookies:

Then of course carrot cake, and Blue Bunny ice cream! 


Since Logan is very much into arts and crafts, I set up a craft table with a loose vegetable/spring theme:

Pots, tags and seeds from the dollar store

Someone gave these to the kids for Christmas, and I had been saving them, I just didn't know what for until now:

Ooh, sparklies! Which are now alllll over my house.


Cool craft projects and creepy crawly stuff.

Miss Katie provided the entertainment for the adults by bringing the twins.

Kept Daddy occupied, at any rate!

I bought these tiny bunny erasers way back in April, and wasn't sure what to do with them. 

Then my eyes lit on the leftover plastic Easter eggs.

Perfect! An eraser and a dime in each egg, and we had egg hunt!

Sheridan and Logan even hand decorated bags to collect them in, with frogs and bunnies and carrots and flies.

It seemed like a lot of eggs, but it sure didn't take long to find them all.

Thanks to everyone who came, Medium Guy had a blast! (And it's always good to get some grown-up conversation time in, too!)

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