Friday, July 21, 2017

Review: Shorty and Clem by Michael Slack


Shorty is not a lizard. He is a very short dinosaur.
He's a shortysaurus.

Clem is not a chicken. He's a quail, which doesn't explain his name at all.

While Clem is out, a package arrives at the door with his name on it. Shorty gets super excited and finds the box irresistible. What’s inside? A race car…trampoline…bongos…monkeys? He REALLY wants to open it but, he knows that it’s Clem’s. Should he open the box? Of course not! Instead, he jumps on it like a trampoline—THUMP!—and bangs on it like a drum—BOOM BADA BOOM!—until he finally opens it. That’s when Clem comes home. Shorty is sure he’s done something terrible, but Clem proves to him that best friends are the best surprises of all!

Hand this one to kids who love Elephant and Piggie and have read all their copies to pieces (or all my copies. Seriously, I need to replace them all AGAIN.) Short lines of dialogue on each page, bright expressive pictures, great opportunity for dramatic reading, funny twist at the end. Not derivative of Mo Willems, just similar enough to appeal to the same audience.

And keep an eye out, I predict (hope) that we will be seeing much more of this duo!

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