Monday, July 24, 2017

Review: Lost and Found - What's That Sound? by Jonathan and Victoria Ying


"Welcome to the Lost and Found, where we find items by their sound!"
It's a busy day at Rabbit's Lost and Found. Poor Squirrel has lost his drum, Elephant has lost her piano, and Bat has lost his entire band! Will Rabbit find their lost instruments before show-time?

I reviewed the sibling duo's first book back in February - not a bad book, but nothing I was excited about. This one, however, is going right into story time rotation. I am thinking a Five Senses theme in particular. The rhythm and rhyme are crisp and age-appropriate, and the page breaks allow the reader to pause for predictions. Illustrations are again slightly cartoony, with friendly little animals in black tie attire.

Grab some instruments or make your own, and end with a concert!

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