Thursday, March 30, 2017

Teen Cafe - Cupcake Wars

I love when we have new faces at Teen Cafe! Funny what the promise of playing with food will do. 

Our Cupcake Wars are pretty simple: each teen gets three cupcakes, and can pick whatever they want from a spread of frostings, fondant, and candies. They have to decide on a theme and decorate accordingly, then we all vote for the best plate. And then we eat them!

Tonight we had:

Snowman Princess Leia, a Skittle, and...Barney?

An M&M

Emojis (love the border - nice presentation!)

Valentine's Day (again, nice presentation)


Generation of Miracles

America (note orange gummy bear. I am not saying a word.)
And, our winners (a tie):

Red and white blood cells, an open wound, and a sutured wound.

 Side view so you can see the gummy bears playing beach volleyball under the palm tree:

So much fun - and so much sugar! Remind me next year that this is NOT a good day to skip lunch. Pardon me now while I go slip into a coma...

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