Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Review: The Hole Story by Paul Bright and Bruce Ingman


When Hamish and Hermione Hole are chased out of the cheese where they live, they search the palace for a new place to call home. But the Holes cause havoc wherever they go—no one wants holes in their underwear, bike tire, or boat! Exhausted, the pair rest in a piece of wood, only to be discovered by the palace carpenter, who knows that holes can be really useful—especially when you are making beautiful musical instruments.

Mmmm, I like my cheese with holes in it...but my socks, not so much, so I can see the problem.

I love the very beginning of the story: "In a land of strange happenings..." What wonderful things might happen there?! I also love that the royal family has a compost heap. Plus, you know, you get to explain what "knickers" are. The whole story is a fun little kid pleaser, and will be showing up in a story time here at some point!

The holes themselves are cute little blobby spots in changing colors. This story just begs for an art and writing extension! Let your kids write or dictate their own story of where the holes might find a new home, then get out the paint and brushes and go to town illustrating!

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