Friday, March 24, 2017

Review: I'm Big Now! by Anthea Simmons and Georgie Birkett


When you are big, you're not the baby anymore, but sometimes you want to do the baby things you used to do before! In this funny journey of discovery, one little girl decides to try out being a baby again, but discovers it is more fun being the big sister of the family.

A good basic read-together for an only child transitioning to the older sibling role. Big sister decides on her own that she likes being able to do things the baby can't, while parents are generally understanding and encouraging. Written in rhyming couplets, after a few reads children will be able to predict/read along - although the rhythm is off in just a couple places, and the word 'nappy' may throw them a bit. Illustrations are bright and eye-catching (love the bunny holding its nose during the diaper change - but it seems to start off stuffed and become real - not quite sure what is going on there.) 

Not a must-have for every library, but if this is a subject your patrons seek out books for, it will fill the need nicely.

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