Saturday, December 19, 2015

Littlest Monster Turns Two!

Two years ago today, as I was being prepped for my third C-section, for the baby who was not due for another two weeks, I started having contractions.

That was a warning. Shane Michael is quite sure that he is in charge of the world, and it just goes better for everyone else if they fall into step and obey his commands. This one will never suffer from insecurity.

In true baby-of-the-family fashion, he is confident, tough, and spoiled rotten. He is adorable and he knows it. He gets away with way more than he should (see previous statement.) He makes me laugh every day, and he can throw a temper fit worthy of any little prince.

He gives awesome kisses and hugs, says "I wub you!" to strangers in Walmart, then turns around and yells "MEAT!" and stabs Grandma with a fork. He's my lovable little devil, and I wouldn't trade him for the world! Happy Birthday, Littlest Guy!

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