Saturday, January 16, 2016

Kid Comics

One of my friends says opening my Facebook page is like reading the Sunday funnies. So, just for you, WC, here's a week's worth! Several of these were stolen from Grandma's Facebook page...

Shane runs into Grandma's kitchen, laughing hysterically. 
Grandma asks, "What's so funny?"
Shane: "MEEE!!!!". Runs off cackling.


Somewhere in the middle of breakfast, the kids decided to play some version of hide and seek. While they are busy chasing each other from one end of the house to the other, Shane is going from seat to seat, quietly finishing off their breakfasts.


Over dinner, started talking about the doll Christopher had, to practice being a big brother before Sheridan was born. Sheridan ran over to give him a big hug as we talked about what a great big brother we knew he would be, and what a great big brother he is.

So Christopher licked her.


Someone discovered the ski mask in the mitten box...and he's growling at me. The best was his reaction when I showed him the picture of himself - he backed away and said "Scared!"


Logan and Shane are playing in the living room with the big legos. Logan: "Shane, I really like what you made! You're a real artist, you know that? Here, do you want to use these ones too? Wow, that is awesome!"


Yes Shane, it's a good idea to brush Tinkerbelle Kitty.
But not with the toilet bowl brush, please!

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