Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Christmas Gifting: Board Books

Books always make a great gift for Christmas, either by themselves or paired up with something else. This year, I decided to run a few reports, and see what titles were the most popular at our library this year. Some are new, some are old classics. Today I am going to feature the most-checked-out board books.

Far and away, The Chickies series by Janee Trasler were the favorites. This made me happy, because I love them, too! Their puffy covers are sturdy and easy to clean, but feel great in chubby little hands. The most popular, for probably obvious reasons, was:

Pottytime for Chickies

Trasler also has Bedtime, Dinner Time, Bath Time, and A New Chick for Chickies, as well as Big Chickie, Little Chickie. Give the whole set with a cute stuffed chick!

In second place:
Star Wars: 1, 2, 3

There are also Star Wars board books for the alphabet and colors. Those would probably be on this list as well if they hadn't been lost! Pair them with a couple action figures, and they will probably be the last board books your little one outgrows.

My First Book of Trains

An oldie, but obviously still a goodie. If you can't find a new copy of this one, try 

I Love Trains!

which was just a few steps behind it in line! You can give this one with a toy train, or with an engineer's cap (or a train whistle, if you live far enough away from the giftee).


This one came out a few years ago, and is still going strong. The simple pictures and two-color pages are perfect for a baby's visual development. And it's cute!


Anything by Patricelli. But especially this one. My kids love it. But, my kids are warped. So...gift accordingly.

Hope this gives you a few ideas. If you are a librarian also, what seems to be popular this year at your library? 

Stay tuned for some picture book favorites!

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