Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Library Family Christmas 2015

Last night was one of my favorite nights of the year, the library's Family Christmas Party. We spent a couple days decorating the stage,

If you can't move the TV, hide it under wrapping paper!
and setting up craft stations,

Clearing off the discard shelves!

and games

Pin (tape) the Heart on the Grinch.
 Our general format is to read a few stories and sing a few songs, then Santa appears. Kids can do the crafts or play the game while waiting their turn to see the Big Guy.

P. was one of the first kids here, ready to show her appreciation!

These are the stories I picked this year - Emma's Christmas is one of my favorites, and I have read it before, but this year it seemed a bit wordy for antsy kids. I may have to save it for field trips next year. 

 I let the kids pick songs in between stories, and told them they had to sing loud enough to drown me out!

There were about 65 people at the start here, but more trickled in. Since our official room capacity is 75, we'll say it capped off at that, okay?

Santa came in as we sang Jingle Bells (tradition), and boy what a Santa he is! He stays as long as there are kids, and engages with each one, letting parents take as many pictures as they would like.

Of course, some of the littler ones weren't entirely impressed,

but several bigger ones decided to make sure all their bases were covered.

I'll bet Santa is feeling a bit down in the knees this morning.

The crafts kept everyone busy while they waited.

I love when kids think outside the box. I noticed the broken pieces here and knew I had to check back later for the finished product:

That is going to look great when it catches the light!

More visits with Santa...

 some serious,

 some goofy,

and some brown-nosing. She used her craft time to make a present for Santa!

and then little brother had to follow suit.

Big brother is almost as big as those teenagers were,

while little brother preferred Daddy's lap (he'll take the candy, though!)

Some last - minute poses with friends,

while Moms enjoy some craft time of their own,

then Santa and everyone else headed back off into the night. 

Thank-you to everyone who came, have a fantastic holiday season!

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