Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Review: Christmas to Color by Mary Tanada (Adult Coloring Book)

I have often said that adults should have some sort of craft time built into the day. A time where we can do something simple but constructive, so we can point to SOMETHING we accomplished. "Okay, so I totally botched that heart surgery, but look how nicely I colored in the lines!"

I suppose the adult coloring fad should have come as no surprise. I felt no need to join in - possibly because I get my 'fix' preparing crafts for the kids every week - until this gem arrived from HarperCollins:

Christmas to Color

At first I thought, "meh", and planned to toss it in the prize box. Then I flipped through it.

Ooh, pretty!


(I have saved that photo in every way possible, and Blogger still insists on turning it sideways. I give up.)

My pictures of the pictures really don't do them justice - and, while Christmasy and intricate, neither does the picture chosen for the cover. Tanana notes that she is drawn to the folk art of Ukraine, Russia, Hungary and Poland, and that is abundantly evident in these beautiful illustrations (yes, there is a matryoshka doll in there!). I cannot begin to imagine how much time each one took her. This book is worth owning for the artwork alone, but much better would be to tuck it in a gift basket - can you just see it nestled in red and green tissue? - with some high quality, fine tipped markers. Then leave your giftee alone for a bit, so they can enjoy themselves!

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