Friday, January 6, 2012

Thrift Shop Score!

S. doesn't wear dresses that often, but she does have a few. What she does not have is a closet, and I've been halfway looking for something to hang her dresses on - besides the curtain rod or the edge of the dresser drawer. I wasn't even sure what I was looking for until I saw this cutie:

She's perfect!
Well, there is a tiny chip missing from the back (which I actually found on the floor and will glue back on), and I think she needs a face, but you know what I mean. She can even hold gloves, and maybe the bracelets M. gave her. Score! This would probably be super easy to make from PVC and scrap wood, but I was happy enough to pay $10 for it.

I was also looking for new pillow cases and something to cover the sofa until a certain feline gets declawed. I ended up with a new-looking maroon king-sized sheet set. The pillow cases match the existing bedspread, I can always use another fitted sheet, and the flat sheet (which I never use on the bed) will do nicely for the sofa. $6.

This particular thrift shop gets dented cans, and S reminded me we need baked beans - by filling the cart herself. She also found a 50-cent thing which LOOKS like a pink baton, but which she will quickly tell you is actually a light saber (just ask the poor elderly gentleman who commented on it and who got corrected in no uncertain terms.)

What I did not find were long-sleeved onesies for the incredibly growing baby - didn't find them at Walmart, either! Silly Mommy, looking for warm clothes in January. Ah, well, he has enough chub to keep him warm. A pretty productive trip for one quick in-and-out!

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