Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Resolutions

I had absolutely no intention of forming any New Year Resolutions (or goals or whatever you want to call them), but Daddy and I started talking about a couple. They are actually things we were working on with some success until baby L. came along (he can't talk yet, so he's easy to blame for everything). Now that he's almost 6 months old, this is as good a time as any to focus on those again. They are simple:

1. Once a month, Mommy and Daddy get some alone time together. Sleeping doesn't count.
2. Once a month, each child gets some fun alone time together with one parent.
3. Once a week, we do something together as a family.

I have some personal goals, too - I want to get rid of this belly jiggle before the next baby comes along (and no, there isn't one in the plans for a while). I want to tweak the budgeting so it works and I'm consistent - I've tried a couple spreadsheets, and they sort of work, I just need to fiddle some more.

I have some goals for the little ones, too - M. can plan her own:) I want to work with C. on keeping his room organized (oh, stop laughing. Okay, maybe I'm not the best teacher for that.) S. needs to work on going in the big girl potty. And L. needs to work on NOT GOING POTTY IN THE BATHTUB. Sigh. Oh, and to grow some hair.

The best ways to keep a goal are to tell everyone about it, and to find a way to keep yourself accountable. I'm going to follow my friend Danica's example and try to blog about my progress at least once a month (oops! I just added another goal, didn't I?) So, what about you? I'll go ahead and asl the same question every third blogger is, today - what are your goals for 2012?


  1. My goal is to make it to 2013.

  2. Lol @Tyla. My word for this year is 'rebuild'. Last year was 'refresh and renew'. So we're focusing on fixing up the house, continuing to focus on our marriage, and I REALLY want to get organized. Like, get a system that actually WORKS for us, that I can keep up with. That goes into the 'fixing up the house' category. Hmmm. Sounds like I need to blog this.