Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cleaning Out the Camera

S. made me some carrot juice this morning. I guess she feels I need a healthier breakfast.

The FedEx fairy came yesterday...

SRP t-shirts are in! Along with a bunch of other stuff I forgot I ordered. And this is the only glimpse you get until April:)

She's not flashing a gang sign, is she?

Look who's just about ready to crawl! STOP IT!

This was actually from back in September. I just love the looks on both their faces. (What is it about guys and blondes, anyway?)

Such a good helper. She doesn't have any PANTS on, but she wants to make sure he has shoes.


Speaking of helpful (and no pants), this is how Daddy fixes diapers. Cammo duct tape.

Huh...I don't remember taking this picture...

...or this one...


I see. Excuse me a moment...

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