Wednesday, October 19, 2011


For the past few years, instead of carving pupmkins at home, we've been decorating them - i.e., gluing things on, drawing or painting on them, etc. That way, a) they last longer, and b) Mommy can still turn them into canned pumpkin for breads and pies and such when it's all over. Pumpkin seeds with chili and lime, mmmm....

Anyways, we decided to do the same thing here at the library, and held a contest. Kids were to decorate a pumpkin (or other gourd) as a book character. Several last-minute entries came in last night, and this morning I made the staff choose their favorites. In the 10 and below division, we have:

First Place, Logan P. with the Very Busy Spider

Second Place, Anthony T.'s Yoda
Tied for third place, Destiny and Jasmine', we aren't sure who they are, but aren't they cute? And colorful?

Then, in the 11 and Up division:
First Place, Tigger by Sara L.

Second Place, Rapunzel by Jakayla P.

Third Place, Fairy Godmother by Tessa B.

Fourth place, Tyler Durden from Fight Club by Josh L. (One of the judges said it would have moved up in the ranks if it looked more like Brad Pitt - so, work on that for next year, Josh!)

These will be on display at thelibrary for a bit longer, so come by and take a look at them in person if you are in the area! And don't forget our Family Fright Night, October 27 at 6PM.

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