Thursday, October 6, 2011

Our School is the Coolest School, So There

A few weeks ago, some poor little salegirl called our local elementary school, hoping to get them to buy some pencils. She asked the secretary what they typically do for Fire Prevention Week.

Well, said the secretary, they of course have a fire drill. And when the fire alarm goes off, the students stream outside to find a miniature house, engulfed in flames (painted) and smoke (real). The fire department is called, and comes in, sirens blaring and lights flashing.

The fire is quickly extinguished (no pictures of that, because I was doing the extinguishing), but there's a problem: one of the kids is missing! She is still inside the school building! Oh, no!!! Three of the firefighters quickly don their SCBAs (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus) ...

...and head in with a hose (remembering to keep close to the ground, of course).

The teachers and students wait anxiously...

Look! I see something!

Hooray, they found her! Quick, onto the stretcher...

...and into the ambulance... 

...which drives away, sirens and lights going.

Our victim returns a short time later, all bandaged up and smiling.

On to the cafeteria, where Fireman Tom shows the kids the different parts of our gear,

talks about what to do in case of a fire (demonstrated by Fireman Chris)

and reminding them to "stop, drop and roll." (Chris again)

Lots of questions and comments from an attentive audience.

I'll bet she kept those bandages on all day.

Then back outside, where that pesky house seems to be on fire again.

Fireman Phil gamely volunteers to stay behind the house and put the flames back up each time they are shot down by...

...the kids! These are so cute, I had to include all of them.

Some kids were obviously having the time of their life,

while others were a bit nonchalant, as if they do this every day.

Who is that handsome firefighter, by the way?

At some point, a chant of "Squirt Ms. Bills!" went up. 

Ms. Bills is the teacher of the older grades. Ms. Bills has an excellent evil eye that she gave each child who glanced in her direction while holding the hose.

It worked....


This young man above. Ms Bills was a bit to my left, between me and the burning house, as I took this picture. Can you guess where the young lady is pointing, and why?

Finally, the fire is out for good. Fireman Phil, still smiling, will not need to shower for a while.

Back to the station to put things away

and make sure the trucks are ready again for any real emergencies.

The teachers were left with a bag of goodies for each child - hats, cups, slap bracelets...

...oh, and pencils.

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