Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Books!

As I'm putting out new books at the library, I thought I've give some of them quick reviews. You can find all these on the new book shelves right now - assuming you get here first!

These Hands
by Margaret H. Mason
E Maso

Such a very sweet, very simple way to introduce discrimination to small children. Going on my list of favorites!

A Pet for Petunia
by Paul Schmid
E Schm

Petunia is a girl after my own heart. She has the perfect pet in mind (can you guess from the picture?) and is appalled that her views aren't shared. As one line puts it, "With such disappointing lunkheads for parents, naturally Petunia must leave home." See, this book builds vocabulary, too! A Perfect Pick for our P is for Pets story time.

by Ree Drummond
E Drum

Okay, I already reviewed it here, but I had to order a copy for the library, because we are keeping the review copy at home:)

Poop Happened!: A History of the World from the Bottom Up
by Sarah Albee
J 573.49 ALBE

Oh, ome on, you know your kids are going to love it. Quite a thorough overview of world history, too. And as the author says in her (very long) preface: "Now, as I previously noted, despite what your parents and teachers may tell you, toilet talk is funny. And I can't be the first to notice this, but what you read in history books tends not to be funny."

Queen of the Falls
by Chris Van Allsburg
J B Taylor

Fantastic illustrations by Van Allsburg. Hopefully it will inspire readers to lok at older people as not quite finished yet - rather than inspiring them to attempt similar stunts at home:)

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