Monday, January 14, 2019

Review: A Valentine for Frankenstein by Leslie Kimmelman and Timothy Banks

Valentine's Day always seems to sneak up on me. We go through a stretch of holidays falling at the end of the month, then February comes, and bam! You have two weeks to plan and prepare everything (which for moms is NEVER enough time.)

So, I'm here early to remind you to make sure you don't leave anyone out on your valentine list!


Frankenstein isn't your typical monster. For starters, he only has one head, just two eyes, and no tail. And worst of all, he's sort of nice! Frankenstein quickly realizes his friendly behavior is out of place at the Valentine's Day Bash.

I like Frank. Despite the other monsters' treatment of him, he keeps finding ways to encourage them. Even the most determinedly cheerful monster can start to feel down, though. Fortunately, just as his spirits start to dip, he finds a special valentine tucked into his pocket. Who could it be from? And will the other monsters start to look at him with new eyes (or eye), when they realize someone else sees value in him?

Great messages for any time, delivered in a super silly...gloppy...grossish way!
(Side humor: "and a real, live band. Well, kind of live.")

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