Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Review: Simchat Torah is Coming! by Tracy Newman and Viviana Garofoli


The eighth in the popular Jewish holiday board book series, a family and their adorable dog celebrate Simchat Torah! Simchat Torah celebrates the ending of one cycle of Torah reading and the beginning of another, and is accompanied by singing, dancing, and parading around the synagogue with the Torah. Join this family and their dog as they celebrate this joyful fall holiday.

I love how much I am learning from reading and reviewing Kar-Ben Publishing's books - and that everything is learned in such a fun way! I had never heard Of Simchat Torah before. I also love that there are good, quality books for children in Jewish households that don't treat them as 'other', and I hope to see more for other faiths as time goes by. (If you know of any, send them my way!)

The text has a bouncy rhythm that feels like a celebration itself, and the illustrations are bright and happy. Not too much for babies, but enjoyable for slightly older children as well.

We don't order too many board books - lack of space - but I will be getting the others in this series:
Shabbat is Coming!
Rosh Hashanah is Coming!
Sukkot is Coming!
Hanukkah is Coming!
Tu B'Shevat is Coming!
Purim is Coming!
Passover is Coming!

For further information about Shimini Atzaret and Simchat Torah, click here. You'll find a brief description, and then pages of links to stories, activities, and more! I am definitely bookmarking this site!

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