Friday, January 4, 2019

Review: Polar Animals series from Lerner


If you didn't know narwhals were the "in" animal this year, you had your head in the sand. Or, you weren't a librarian. As much fiction as there was this year featuring narwhals, it took the nonfiction sectors a little while to catch up. This title brings the basic information to the beginning reader crowd, with short 'chapters' consisting of 2-3 sentences per page. Side bubbles ask readers to use their critical thinking skills ("How might a narwhal's body shape help it swim?")

One of the narwhal's predators is...the Polar Bear!


Young patrons may enjoy tricking adults with the old, "what color is a polar bear's skin?" Or, maybe that's just mine. At any rate, the sparse, easy-to-read text still manages to impart plenty of information about how the bear's physical features help in its day-to-day life. So many fun science extensions with both of these! Winter STEAM program, anyone?

Beautiful, crisp, colorful photographs, and rudimentary index, glossary, and diagrams to get your young readers accustomed to nonfiction formats.

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