Monday, January 7, 2019

Review: Nutrition Matters series by Beth Bence Reinke

Did you eat yourself into a coma this past holiday season? This might be a good time to refresh your memory of what you learned about nutrition in your elementary school health classes...but let's have fun with it!


Hmm... I recognize the tortilla (or flat bread?) and rice there, and your little ones probably will as well, but what are those other things? 

Each two-page spread features a few lines of text about a (relatively) healthy food from another country, accompanied by a bright close-up photograph that makes even the simplest foods look inviting. (Except the Vegemite. Sorry, not making that mistake again.) Side questions draw in geography and science. A map shows where each of the countries is located. Unfortunately, nowhere did it tell us what the other dishes on the cover are, and while I can guess at some, I am not sure enough to answer curious kids with any authority.


Ever since my surgery was scheduled, we have been trying to lean towards a low-crab, low-sugar diet. Well, lower at any rate. Some people have to follow specific diets because of health issues, while others do so by choice. This title talks about vegetarianism, celiac disease, allergies, and diabetes. Side questions encourage readers to think about what ingredients are in different foods. 

Other titles in this series include:
Healthy Eating Habits
Why We Eat Dairy
Why We Eat Fruits
Why We Eat Grains
Why We Eat Protein
Why We Eat Vegetables

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