Monday, December 10, 2018

Review: The Bigfoot Files by Lindsay Eagar


The Loch Ness Monster. The Frogman. Bigfoot. Twelve-year-old Miranda Cho used to believe in it all, used to love poring over every strange footprint, every stray hair, everything that proved that the world was full of wonders. But that was before her mother’s obsession with monsters cost Miranda her friends and her perfect school record, before Miranda found the stack of unopened bills and notices of foreclosure in the silverware drawer. Now the fact that her mom’s a cryptozoologist doesn’t seem wonderful — it’s embarrassing and irresponsible, and it could cost them everything. So Miranda agrees to go on one last creature hunt, determined to use all her scientific know-how to prove to her mother, once and for all, that Bigfoot isn’t real. Then her mom will have no choice but to grow up and get a real job — one that will pay the mortgage and allow Miranda to attend the leadership camp of her dreams. But when the trip goes horribly awry, will it be Miranda who’s forced to question everything she believes?

I'm not sure what exactly to say about this, except that:
- I enjoyed it way more than I expected to.
- It did not go in the direction I expected it to.
- I was entirely satisfied with the ambiguity of the ending.

This could be a book to hand off to realists who need a little fantasy, or to those stuck in fantasy who need a little reality. Or, just hand it off to someone who wants a good story! Suitable for older elementary, but still appealing to YA readers.

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