Saturday, December 1, 2018

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match...

It's getting closer! And I have a match! A recipient has been chosen for my left kidney, and they are working on the chain from there. All I know about the recipient is the state he or she is having the surgery in, which may or may not even be the state he/she lives in. If they so choose, they can have my contact information later, but contact is entirely up to them. I would love it if they wanted to get in touch - I love making new friends! - but I totally understand how that could be weird. ("Hi! Um...thanks for the body part." Sounds like a bad zombie joke.)

I was in Albuquerque for some pre-op appointments this week, and I did get to make one new friend:

Hank here needed to hitch a ride from Alamo to his new rescue. He did NOT understand why he had to sit in that big box and not in my lap, but he finally settled in and did great. The picture does not do him justice. He is HUGE, and absolutely gorgeous. As I told the receiving rescue, this is the kind of dog people steal, not dump. Sometimes humans just stink.

I brought a whole bunch of work to get done in my hotel room, and ended up turning in about 8PM anyway! I have been going with the cheapest hotel rooms available, and pretty much getting what I paid for, but I got a good night's sleep and my car wasn't stolen so we'll call it good.

I brought some Christmas goodies for the transplant unit, and I think they were gone before I was.

"Wait, there are Buckeyes?"
"OMG I haven't had Buckeyes in years!"
"My husband is a HUGE Ohio State fan. I'm taking a picture."

Note to self: Make more Buckeyes in the next couple weeks. (There were other treats, but those got the most press!)

This time I got to meet the surgeon, Dr. Alba, who is (like everyone else there) very nice, as well as gorgeous. She (like everyone else) took pains to make sure I knew exactly what was going on, although she said we couldn't video tape it for the kids. Bummer. Last up was the anesthesiologist, who is approximately 9 feet tall, 14 years old, and - big surprise - really nice. As was the anesthesiology nurse. Seriously, certain other hospitals could take a lesson or two!

Two weeks left to wrap up everything at work and make sure we will be ready for Christmas! It's probably good that I have a lot to keep me busy, or I'd go crazy waiting.

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