Monday, December 31, 2018

Book Review: Crayola Holiday Colors Series by Robin Nelson



Concept books always see multiple circulations here at the library, but if you can add in some holiday fun and maybe even learn about another culture, even better!

To sample this series, I chose one from a holiday we celebrate in spades every year, and one from a holiday I have never been a part of, but am intrigued by.

Orange, of course, is the first color we think of for Halloween, followed closely by black and white. Jack-o-lanterns, cobwebs, black cats and bats (I do wish they hadn't supported the 'black cats are bad luck' concept, though - even telling kids to "watch out" for them! That was disappointing!) Costumes are mentioned, but nothing about the colors - a missed opportunity. Treats are brought up next, with the colors of candy corn and icing on cookies.

Holi, of course, is the perfect festival to illustrate colors! The reasons given for the holiday are somewhat vague, but the flowers and spices used for some of the dyes are shown, which is interesting. Snacks such as kachori help round out the color list.

While the Crayola emblem and name are prominent on the front cover, the company name is not mentioned in the book, and even the crayons pictured at the end - while exhibiting the familiar Crayola stripes - are shown without labels, so I have to give them credit for not making this one big ad. Both are filled with bright, colorful photographs and eye-catching variations in text style. End pages offer line drawings of some of the photographs, for children to copy and color. Not the best I have seen from Lerner nonfiction, but still a good addition to the preschool/early elementary library.

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