Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Review: Peek-a-Who? by Elsa Mroziewicz


Who could be hiding behind the lift-the-flaps in this uniquely-shaped board book? Brimming with colorful art that children will want to pore over, this clever book is full of hidden animals, each making a different sound. Can you figure out who each one is? Lift the triangular flaps to see who peeks out!

Normally when patrons ask me where the "lift the flap books" are, I answer with some variation of: in the trash. That is just not a format that stands up well to library usage. I may have to make an exception for this one!

This sturdy, triangular-shaped board book has flaps that fold down or up on each page, becoming a dog's paws or a cat's giant ears.

They appear to be pretty sturdy, made as a part of the whole page rather than a pasted-on piece, so I think I am going to take the chance. I know the kids will love it!

The text is pretty straightforward:

(and what kid doesn't love making animal noises?!), but it is the illustrations that really stand out:

Such gorgeous colors and patterns! You should really see the wolf - but I am not going to show him here, you will have to come in and check out our copy, or go buy one of your own!

And if you like it too, remember that Cybils nominations will be starting in just one week!

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