Friday, September 21, 2018

Book Review: Little Pets Series from Lerner

Baby animals are so cuuuuute! When my mother adopted an orphaned baby pygmy goat, she got to come to story time, much to the children's delight.

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Of course, she got bigger (and more obnoxious), as babies will do, but there is still no denying the attraction of tiny pets! Hence my assumption that this new series from Lerner will be very popular:


Don't you just want to squish it up (gently) and rub it against your cheek?


Hmm. Pixie was cuter, but you're sweet too I guess.

Cute tiny things make for impulse buys/adoptions sometimes, so it is important for kids (and adults) to understand it's not all Shopkins. The pygmy goat book reminds us that the adults can still be 50-85 pounds - heavier than many large breed dogs. They are master escape artists, climbers, and jumpers, and with or without horns they can knock you over with a good head-butt!

Dwarf rabbits may stay small, but the odor in their cage if you don't clean it regularly will not. Basic needs for housing, feeding, handling and exercise, as well as veterinary care, are given for each animal, to help potential young owners decide if this is really the pet for them. We get to see how each animal is born, and how its mother takes care of it as well.

As always with Lerner's early nonfiction, the illustrations (chiefly photographs) are large, bright and colorful. End pages include index, glossary, chart, and links for further information. Most important for librarians with a limited budget, I have never had a hardcover book from Lerner need its binding repaired. We will definitely be ordering the next two titles, Mini Horses and Mini Pigs!

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