Monday, September 17, 2018

Review: A Heart Just Like My Mother's by Lela Nargi and Valeria Cis


Shy Anna doesn't think she is anything like her outgoing, funny, clever mother. One day Anna sees a hungry man on the street and decides to find a way to help. When she uses her tzedakah money for an act of kindness, she realizes she and her mother have something special in common after all.

Doncha' just love picture books that make you tear up and sniffle a bit?

Anna loves hearing stories about her mother when she was little, and it is obvious the two share a special bond. When we admire someone, we tend to want to be like them, but Anna can only see their differences - until an act of kindness she comes up with all on her own demonstrates how much alike they really are.

So much to explore here - parent-child relationships, different ways of showing love, concrete ways to help people, family memories, the beauty of community...and the illustrations! At once warm and cozy yet vibrant and exciting. Gorgeous!

I looked up both Nargi and Cis to see what else I might need to order, and discovered both have quite diverse offerings. I just added two of Nargi's cookbooks to my Christmas wish list!

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