Friday, July 13, 2018

This Week

Some women complain when their husband brings his work home with him. I wish mine could.

Baby spotted skunk. Six inches from nose to butt. Cutest. Things. Ever.


Sunday was our social day. In the morning we babysat our friend's one-year-old twins. SO entertaining! They are both happy little goofballs, and the girl has discovered giving orders. She made Christopher take the trash out! I need to have her over more often! The boy is into cars and peekaboo, and played one or the other nonstop.

A ten-year-old neighbor friend, visiting for the summer, came over for a few hours midday, and we tie-dyed t-shirts and ran around like maniacs. The twins were picked up, I took the 10yo home, then I ran to the Fire Department Auxiliary meeting, then back home for dinner with some new friends. New as in, I met them when they walked in the door, but really liked them all very quickly. (And Logan discovered another birthday twin!) Such a fun day! 

Gracie had a meltdown shortly after the last group left, but she really held it together well most of the day, and it was a lot, so I was pretty impressed. I had to help her with getting undressed and so forth, she just stood and screamed, but within minutes she had it all out of her system and was fast asleep. Sometimes I think we could all do with a good scream-it-out, followed by a nap.


Speaking of kids acting up, I love my library mommies. Summer is a tough time, and our kids are NOT always on their best behavior in public. For the most part, I have not seen any mom-judging, just we've-all-been-there empathy and offers to watch the baby while you deal with the toddler. You guys rock!


Fun fact: When you upend the box of 1000 toothpicks, they do not quite fit back in again.

Kids have started studying Colombia. We are working on getting past the stereotypes.


Mostly I am proud when my kids do something that is beyond their years. When my 6yo pulls the old pillows-under-the-blanket-to-look-like-he's-sleeping routine, though, that's a bit much. (It looked pretty accurate, too - fooled me!)

(The actual six-year-old was in a cardboard box. Because.)


One of my more...difficult teens at the library:

"Miss, you should have a nickname for us!"


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