Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Review: Three Little Monkeys by Quentin Blake and Emma Chichester Clark


Tim, Sam, and Lulu are the mischievous and naughty three little monkeys who are told each day to be good while Hilda goes off to do her errands. And each day, Hilda returns home to find a bigger mess than the day before. These mischievous monkeys will likely never learn to behave!

The first thing I said (out loud, to the person next to me trying to get her own work done), was that "Hilda Snibbs" is a really fun name to say*. Try it! You get to say it a few times, before it is brought down to just plain Hilda. You won't notice the loss, though, because there are plenty of other fun lines to read, with whimsical illustrations to accompany them. My favorite refrain, every time she scolds them: "Tim and Sam and Lulu looked at her with their big round eyes and said nothing." Yep, that perfectly describes my children monkeys. If your little monkeys EVER get into just a little bit of trouble when left unattended, then they and you will thoroughly enjoy this read - and there's a bit of sage advice for the grown-ups on the last page as well.

*Emma Chichester Clark is also, btw, a really fun name to say.

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