Monday, February 26, 2018

Review: Stickmen's Guide to Your Beating Heart and Your Brilliant Brain by John Farndon and Venitia Dean


Ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom . . . your incredible heart beats more than once every second, no matter what you're doing. And your lungs pull in up to 145 gallons of oxygen each day. So how are your heart and lungs connected, and what do they do? Join the Stickmen as they explore your body to find out how your heart pumps blood, how oxygen travels through your body, and how your body fights off germs. You'll discover why you need two trillion red blood cells, how exercise affects the body, and what exactly is inside your lungs. Colorful diagrams and fascinating text show how your circulatory system works to keep you fit, warm, and alive!

Where was this book when I was pregnant with Shane, and suddenly needed to know very simply but thoroughly how the human heart works?

As I may have mentioned once or twice, I am not a sciencey-type person. This is one area where I need clear explanations in simple terms, with lots of pictures and examples. Stickmen to the rescue!


Just think, every single thing you do is handled by an amazing computer inside your head—your brilliant brain! And it's helped by your body's internet—your nervous system. Join the Stickmen to discover how spidery nerve cells send messages to the brain in seconds, how quick reflexes keep you safe, and how different parts of your brain are in charge of different thoughts and actions. Learn how all the parts of your body work together with the brain to help you to see, hear, smell, and make memories. Fun illustrations and fact-filled text reveal the mysteries of your brain and what it is that makes you so smart!

From the bright, attractive covers to the clearly labeled drawings (complete with entertaining stick figures), this series is highly accessible to anyone from about 3rd grade on up. In formation is 'chunked' to help with retention and to seem less overwhelming. Each title also includes a timeline of related discoveries, and a fun fact section. Other titles in the series include:

Stickmen's Guide to Your Gurgling Guts
Stickmen's Guide to Your Mighty Muscles and Bones

Both entertaining and informative, these are great books for report writing or just for browsing.

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