Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Review: Fort Building Time by Megan Wagner Lloyd and Abigail Halpin


Winter, spring, summer, fall. Each season brings new materials to make the perfect fort. From leaves to snow, from mud to sand, there is a different fort throughout the year. As a group of friends explore and build through the seasons, they find that every fort they make is a perfect fort.

If you finish this book and do not have the urge to run out and build SOME sort of fort, then I just don't think you can be my friend.

The lyrical word play makes this a fun story to read, either silently or aloud. Halpin's illustrations are bright and whimsical and inspiring. When reading it with your little ones, make sure you take time for the end pages, and talk about all the different materials you can use for a fort, and the different shapes it can take. Some are meant for the moment, some may be longer lasting, but all of them give that sense of a special place that is just for you and your friends. Methinks I will have to work a fort building project into one of our next Builder's Clubs!

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